An International Fusion Artist Collaboration - Lovely Day

Like so many businesses, Fusion is going through a very challenging time as a result of the COVID-19. The pandemic has had a terrible impact on musicians around the world. Music is more than just a job or hobby, it is the heartbeat of life. This love of music drove us to unite our Fusion Family and create something together.

We reached out to our musicians to help us bring happiness and support to the community. As a result, we created our first International Fusion Artist Collaboration. The project was designed to bring our artists together, to create our own virtual community, to encourage optimism and hope for the future.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this venture to keep music alive. I hope this video will put a smile on your face.

Fusion Artists who have contributed to this project:

Jordan Scannella (USA) - 4 String Bass
Donald Waugh (Jamaica) - Drums and Keys
Usama Allati (Palestine) - 7 String Bass
Ahmad Hani (Turkey) - 5 String Bass
Andreas Hidber (Switzerland) - Electric Guitars
Antoine Ladoué (France) - Cajon and Tambourine
Rima Badeen (Switzerland) - Vocals
Sandra Ristic (Switzerland) - Vocals
Amanda Harkett (United Kingdom) - Vocals and Ukulele
Lars Mullen (United Kingdom) - Vocals and Electric Guitar
Amanda Wheatley (United Kingdom) - Trumpet
Brian Butler (United Kingdom) - Trumpet
Alexis Baro (Cuba/Canada) - Trumpet
Deo Salvator (Rwanda) - Steel String Guitar
King Artur (Finland) - Pedal Steel Guitar
Gray Henry (USA) - Electric Guitar
Alex Yoshii (Austria) - Electric Guitar

Artist Collaboration Jordan Scannella Lars Mullen Lovely Day
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  • Thanks for the ear candy. The days do grind a wee bit.
    Please keep up the good work.

    Happy trails & God Speed / george – usa

    george V bello on
  • What an uplifting session! Well done Fusion and all your international customers!

    Gill Greaves on
  • That was very tasty and nurturing for the spirit and soul…
    Thank you all
    Sanford-Mark Barnes aka AgentOfJazz

    AgentOfJazz🎺 on

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