Premium Gig Bags for Horns / Brass instruments

Brass Instrument Gig Bags / Soft Cases

Brass gig bags from Fusion Bags will protect your brass instrument in ways you’ve never seen before. Unlike the hard cases and duffle bags of old, our brass instrument bags are as stylish as they are functional, making them perfect for students and professional musicians alike. If you want a bag for your brass instrument that doesn’t compromise on style or safety, choose Fusion Bags today.

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Not only do all of our brass gig bags function as backpacks, but our Flow-System design means our premium bags are comfortable to carry and stop you getting hot simply by carrying your instrument. Our instrument bags are even subtle enough that nobody will know what’s in them, reducing the risk of theft from opportunist thieves spotting something of obvious value. Fusion Bags really is the best choice when it comes to your brass instrument bags.

Brass instrument bags

Brass instrument bags from Fusion Bags are as versatile as they are functional – and they offer better protection for your brass instrument than you’ll see anywhere else. Our Fuse-On range of bags will even allow you to fuse your school bag or overnight bag to your brass gig bag, which is perfect for the musician on the go. We even supply trumpet, cornet and french horn mute sleeve and pouches. Whatever your brass instrument bag needs, we can guarantee that we can cater to them.

Why Trust Fusion Bags?

Fusion Products have been committed to supplying musicians with the highest quality innovative gig bags since 2008. Over the years we’ve continuously tested and adapted our products until we are left with the very best design for our customers. It’s our dedication to building a better bag which has convinced students, professional DJs, musicians and even celebrities to keep coming back and buying our instrument and gig bags.

If you’re curious about how our brass gig bags could instantly solve all of your needs as a brass musician, visit Fusion Bags
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