Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

Maybe you’re looking for Christmas gifts for a musical loved one, or you’re a musician making your wishlist for Santa. Either way, our guide is the perfect place to start shopping. 

We’ve picked out some presents to suit all kinds of musicians and a range of budgets. Some gifts are silly, some are creative, and some are highly practical...

For Brass Instruments

Brass instrument gig bags

As well as a sturdy and specially designed Fusion brass bag to carry them around, here are some more gift ideas to go with brass instruments. 

Drinks holder

K&M Drink Holder

This add-on is so simple it’s ingenious. The metal holder attaches to stands or to instruments themselves, and easily fits most glasses, bottles and cans. No more mid-gig fumbling for water or a caffeine boost, it’s right where it’s needed at all times. Particularly useful for the mouth-taxing work of brass playing. 

Mouthpiece booster

Denis Wick DW6181 Mouthpiece Booster

Power up the sound with a mouthpiece booster, giving brass instruments extra versatility and range. The clever attachments transfer more energy to the right parts of the instrument, giving it a deeper, sharper and heavier sound. 



Doubly smart, the Berp is a mouthpiece attachment for brass instruments that helps players to train and develop breath control while also keeping the neighbours happy. It creates resistance to make anyone a more powerful and accurate player, and makes for a dramatically reduced sound. 

Vibrass lip massager


Playing a brass instrument is very hard on the lips, and a chapstick just won’t do it. Instead, you can buy the brass player in your life one of these vibrating lip massagers. Designed to stimulate blood flow in the lips after a gig or rehearsal session, and can also help to warm up beforehand. 


For Woodwind Instruments

Woodwind Gig Bags and Cases

We have bags exclusively created for woodwind instruments, which make ideal gifts. But if you’re looking for some extra ideas on top, then look no further. 

Fixit Tool

Fixit Tool

The Swiss army knife of woodwind instruments, this tiny tool can fix a multitude of problems. There’s a tiny screwdriver at one end, and a spring hook at the other, to handle any of those pesky engineering problems that woodwind players sometimes have to deal with. 

Snark tuner

Snark Tuner

Delicate woodwind instruments can be tricky to tune in noisy environments, especially backstage at a concert. This innovative multi-instrument tuner uses vibration rather than sound, so musicians can tune up even if they can’t hear a thing. 

For Guitars

Fusion Guitar Gig Bags

The iconic guitar is a musician’s pride and joy, and deserves a special bag to protect it. Once that’s sorted, there are a few stocking fillers you can also add to your Christmas list. 

Tourtech Tta-t01 Colour Screen Clip-on Tuner 

Tourtech Clip-on Instrument Tuner with colour screen

For use with any stringed instrument, this versatile tuner swivels 360 degrees so guitarists don’t have to crane their necks to get the perfect sound. There’s a chromatic display, a tuning range of A0-C8, and an accuracy within +/- 1 cent.

D’Addario Guitar Strap Auto Lock


D'Addario Dual-Lock Guitar Strap LocksThis strap lock might seem pretty unassuming, but ask any guitarist who has suffered a strap malfunction and they’ll tell you a good strap is vital for keeping your prize guitar in one piece. Clipping this onto a strap button will prevent it from releasing accidentally, and it can also be used to stop leads from coming loose. 

All-on-one Musicians Maintenance Kit

Musician's tool kit

Guitars are more than just instruments, they’re also works of art, so they deserve regular care and attention. This maintenance kit has everything to keep any guitar clean and in tip-top condition, so it looks and sounds great at all times. 

Pick Punch

Pick Punch

This is a small, fun and thoughtful gift for your guitar-playing loved ones – a special punch tool so they can make their own plectrums. Any rigid plastic will do, so they can go wild with anything from old bank cards to custom designs of their own.


For Bagpipes

Bagpipe Case

An exciting instrument to look at, listen to and play, the bagpipes have a certain mystique of their very own. They also have some very specific maintenance needs, so here are a few useful gifts you can get for any bagpipe player. 

Bagpipe Oil

Steiner Bagpipe Oil

As Scottish as bagpipes themselves, this bagpipe oil is made in Scotland to a traditional formula. It protects and conditions the wood, to prevent it from drying out. 

McCallum ETY Ear Plugs


Ear Plugs


The sound of bagpipes is a beautiful thing, but for the player it can be a little overpowering on the eardrums. These ear plugs were designed with bagpipes in mind, and reduce noise levels by 20dB throughout the frequency range without affecting the quality of the sound. 

Trap Dri Moisture Control Trap

Trap Dri Moisture Control Trap

This tiny moisture control trap keeps bagpipes in tune by preventing any excess moisture making its way to the pipes from the water trap. Fit it to the water trap tube (no zip bag required) and it’ll gather that troublesome moisture that can otherwise spoil the tuning.

For Ukuleles

Ukulele Gig Bags and Cases

The most cheerful of all instruments, the ukulele is a joy to play and listen to. These accessories will make perfect gifts for any ukulele player you know. 

Daily Ukulele Book

Daily Ukulele

Give a year-round gift with this book of 365 songs to learn on the ukulele. There are pop, folk, broadway, film and holiday songs with all the melodies, lyrics and chord grids you need for playing them easily on the ukulele. 

Decal Stickers

Ukulele Stickers

Give a ukulele those fun Hawaiian vibes with some fancy inlay stickers. In tropical shapes, and a sea-blue colour, they’ll cheer up any uke player who’s spending their winter in Britain. 

Ukulele Wall Hanger

Ukulele Wall Hanger

Ukuleles are pretty enough to be displayed when they’re not being played, so a wall hanger will make the most of their beauty. This secure wall mount has an automatic lock to keep the instrument extra secure, and it’s easy to install too. 

Spare Ukulele Strings

Ukulele Strings

Any player of a stringed instrument will tell you, you can never have too many spare strings. Once you know the size of the ukulele, you can stock up on a few extra strings that your ukulele-playing giftee will be very thankful for. 

For Keyboards

Keyboard Bags

One of the trickiest instruments to lug around, the keyboard becomes so much easier to transport with the right Fusion bag. And that’s not the only way to make your favourite keyboardist happy at Christmas – you can also wrap up some of these extra gifts to put under the tree.  

Sony MDR7506 Headphones

Sony Headphones

External noise cancelling, comfortable and crystal clear, these professional headphones are both keyboard-ready and studio-ready. They’re also foldable for transporting around, making it that little bit easier to be a gigging keyboard player on the move.

RockJam Xfinity Double-X Piano Keyboard Stand

Keyboard stand

For safely holding keyboards of up to 45lbs in weight, this sturdy stand is also highly adjustable. You can move incrementally between 4 and 38 inches in height, so it suits keyboard players of all ages.

Voggenreiter 1000 Keyboard Tips

Keyboard Tips

Give the gift of knowledge with this practical book on music theory. With 1000 tips on chords, scales and more, it’s a great present for new keyboard players who are eager to learn. 



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