With stick bags from Fusion Bags, your days of taking two bags to your gig are over. Throwing your drumsticks in your laptop bag doesn’t work as well as you first expect, and taking a separate bag means that things can be left behind or stolen. With the Beat 12  stick bags from Fusion Bags, your stick bag becomes your backpack, making travelling to your next gig with your sticks easier than it’s ever been. Even if you need to bring your laptop, cable or other accessories to your gig you can still get away with a single bag – the Beat Pro backpack.

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These bags are made of a water-resistant rip-stop material containing a layer of thick hhigh-density foam padding up to 15mm thick. With a wrist strap, a carry handle and backpack straps which can be tucked away when not in use, we’re confident that with Fusion Bags your drumsticks are secure and carrying them is comfortable. If you’re looking for the most innovative stick bags around you’ve come to the right place.

Drumstick Holder

The Beat 12 stick bags are bags which fold open to hold up to12 sticks, mallets or brushes in a safe and secure way. With plenty of pockets for keys, your tablet, headphones or cables, this stick bag will accommodate all your needs at the gig. With two elasticated straps in the corners ,you can even hang stick bag off your drum, turning it into an efficient and convenient drumstick holder which you’ll never forget to pick up.

The Beat Pro backpack comes with a removable stick bag offering the same elasticated straps allowing you to double up your stick bag as a drumstick holder once again. With a generous amount of room for a 15” laptop, a tablet, clothes and anything else you might need, the Beat Pro backpack is the ultimate Stick Bag for serious drummers who travel a lot from gig to gig.

Why Should Drummers Choose Fusion Bags?

Here at Fusion Bags, we’re dedicated to designing and manufacturing the ultimate gig bags for professional musicians who travel with their instrument and accessories. Since we started out in 2008 we’ve designed a huge range of products and tested them on the people who use them. We take their feedback and use it to create the ultimate products, accommodating the real needs which professional musicians face. Perhaps this is why our Beat series of drumstick bags has been featured in the magazines iDrum, Rhythm, Drum Club, Drummer Magazine and even during The London Drum Show.

If you have any questions about our stick bags or any of our accessory bags which could make your life as a professional drummer easier, make sure you call Fusion Bags today. A member of our friendly team is always on hand to help you out with any queries you may have.