Fusion Bags design, manufacture and sell high-quality instrument bags and accessories to professional and touring musicians around the world. Our business was established in 2008 and we are based in West Yorkshire, England.

Fusion Team

The idea of developing high quality, innovative gig bags for travelling, touring and working musicians, was created by four friends around a dining room table in March 2008.

The vision soon became reality. After carefully sourcing a factory and months of hard work designing and sampling our first range of bags, we launched Fusion at the Music China Show in Shanghai 2008.

The show was a huge success and was followed by the popular NAMM Show in California and Musikmesse in Germany. These shows helped us create a network of international distributors who started selling our designer gig bags for guitars, brass, woodwind and keyboards around the world. 

…more than just a gig bag!

Right from the very start, we had the vision to create the best gig bags on the market, designed with the musician in mind and to exceed expectations.

We found that the best way to design an amazing product is to speak to the people who we wanted to create bags for. What are their needs, wants and challenges?

Co-founder and designer Amanda Wheatley’s own experience as a gigging trumpet player, along with her creativity and drive for innovation and perfection, helped bring her designs to life. Our collaboration with so many other musicians’ experiences of touring the world or simply commuting to work with their instrument helped us create our incredible collection of cases. This included bagpipes to saxophones, guitar to keyboard and the much-loved ukulele gig bags.

To create gig bags that are lightweight and comfortable enough for travelling the world, whilst still offering the best level of protection and space for any serious pro, is what we strive to achieve and of course they also need to look good.

If you have road tested one of our gig bags and think that something could be improved, let us know. Developing a new gig bag takes time and the needs and demands of a musician can change over the years.

About Fusion


Introducing Fuse-on!

We didn’t want to stop at just making great instrument bags. Beside the high quality and modern design of our gig bags and cases, it was the Fuse-on concept that revolutionised how musicians carried their instrument and accessories. No one else was using a modular system like this when we first launched the concept in 2008.


A Fuse-on bag is a backpack that can be used as a stand-alone product or it can be attached to a Fusion gig bag for extra storage. Adding a Fuse-on backpack to your existing instrument bag gives you extra space to carry everything from mutes, microphones, leads to foot pedals when you need it, and it simply detaches when you don’t. 

Proudly Made in China

It’s no secret that our gig bags are made in China.

Fusion has carefully selected a very reliable supplier. We have known the company who manufactures our gig bags for over 25 years and our team visits the factory on a regular basis, to work alongside their experienced staff, to sample and develop new products.

All our high-end gig bags and cases are handmade by skilled workers at this family-owned company. Many of their employees have worked happily at this ethical business for decades.

Thank you!

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone out there who has a Fusion bag in their closet, living room, hallway, back of the car, on stage, in an overhead compartment of an aeroplane or on your back right now!


About Fusion

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