Why Fusion?

If you are reading this, you either own a Fusion bag or you are thinking about purchasing a Fusion bag. This is our chance to explain all the advantages and benefits of choosing Fusion and your opportunity to be fully informed to make the right choice for you.

1. Protection

The first and most important factor is protection. Our Premium and F1 bags have a 30mm high density foam shell. This material is lightweight and dense; it can withstand the knocks and bumps of everyday transportation. In the Premium Series, some bags have honeycomb, in addition to high density foam padding, which adds another lightweight layer of protection. Together with padded internal sleeves in the brass and woodwind products, as far as gig bags are concerned, Fusion is the next best thing to a hard case.

2. Easy to Carry

The great thing about gig bags in general is that they are normally easier to carry than a hard case, essential if you are travelling with your instrument or you are a professional musician / commuter on foot or bicycle. We have made sure that comfort is a key factor, as some of these bags when fully laden can be quite heavy. Most of our bags can be carried in several ways... firstly on your back. Fusion bags have heavy duty padded backpack straps which make them comfortable to carry. On most bags, there is a waist belt and chest strap, which will hold the bag firmly in place when carried. Some bags have shoulder straps and most have soft padded rubberised carry handles. In some products, you will also find a conveniently placed grab handle. In the Premium and F1 Series there is the "Fusion-flow" system, this is like a rucksack where two padded lumbar supports make the bag comfortable to carry. A space is created between these supports where air can flow freely between your back and the bag - great on a hot day.

3. Lots of space

There are so many pockets, internally and externally, that can store all manner of accessories and personal items; for instance, clever ideas such as "Fuse-on", where a series of accessory bags can be attached to the main instrument bag. The "Zip-away" system used on our DJ & Laptop bags is a feature where the bags can be fully opened to gain easy access to the equipment stored inside.

4. Quality material and extra features

Fusion bags are made from high quality, water resistant, rip-stop material with honeycomb and PU moulded bases. The material used in the Premium and Urban Series has PVC-free backing and "add-ons", such as address tags, rain-covers, lockable zips, padded sleeves and mute pouches, make Fusion the best gig bag there is to buy.

5. Colour Options

There are many styles and colour options across our range of bags to choose from. Something for everyone! Whether you want to be discreet or stand out in a crowd, there is a Fusion bag just for you.