If you are a professional cornet player, you need a cornet gig bag that offers protection, durability, usability and comfort. Here at Fusion Bags, we are dedicated to designing brass instrument bags that make travelling and commuting with your instrument simpler. Out-dated instrument bags of the past were big, bulky and were entirely unfit for the travelling musician. If you’re struggling with a brass gig bag that no longer serves your needs, upgrade to a cornet instrument bag from Fusion Bags today.

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Our range of cornet gig bags is perfectly suited to gigging players. No matter how you choose to travel, the ergonomic design and construction of our products means that you will always be prepared to hit the road. On the train, by bike or even by plane, our cornet gig bags will keep your instrument safe and secure without being uncomfortable or difficult to carry. Our ‘Flow-System’ bags with their hiking bag style padded backpack straps will ensure that you can carry your cornet anywhere with ease. Choose your ideal cornet instrument bag from our range here.

Brass Instrument Bags

One of the many reasons why so many gigging musicians love our bags is for their tough and durable exteriors with their foam shell interiors. We know that commuting is likely to put your instrument bag under a lot of pressure. Our bags are built to withstand any knocks, scuffs or abrasions that could potentially damage your instrument. Using only the most resistant and high quality materials, we always have the best protection for instrument in mind. Keep your cornet safe in a bag that has a non-scratch velvet-mix lining and a hardwearing, water resistant casing.

Using our ‘Fuse-On’ system, cornet players can even add to their gig bag with one of our accessory bags. These bags offer extra space options for players that are consistently on the move. Pack clothes, technology or any other necessary extras. Our cornet gig bags even feature a vast array of pockets, which means you will always have space for your sheet music, mouthpieces, valve oils and any other accessories. With a ‘Fuse-On’ Fusion product, you will only ever need one bag for your travels

Instrument Bags from Fusion Bags

Here at Fusion Bags, we understand the specific needs of the travelling musician. Gigging in a variety of destinations can be incredibly demanding, which is why we strive to provide bags that offer freedom and flexibility to musicians, wherever they may choose to play. With a cornet gig bag from Fusion Bags on your back, you are guaranteed to love the new found simplicity of travelling with your instrument. We appreciate the demands of the modern musician, which is why our products are the perfect partners for any gigging cornet player. Explore our cornet instrument bag range here today.