5 Ways to Reward Your Fans

Reward your fans

As the Covid crisis bit deeper, musicians and singer songwriters launched themselves into a writing frenzy and performed on social media platforms to at least, try and keep in touch with and increase their fan base.

With the lack of live shows and the demise of touring, many faced the daunting task of calculating how many months they could spend off the road before having to change jobs.

With venues now starting to open for ‘near normal’ business, we have hopefully crossed the line where organisers have had to ‘cancel-rebook, cancel-rebook’. Artists and audiences across the country are finally able to look forward once again, to the experience and the thrill of live music.

Game on                     

For the artists themselves, there will of course be the inner joy, as a huge number of talented people avoid the music industry wasteland. There’s a feeling of …‘Great, I’m back to normal’ and, whilst audiences will be ecstatic with their emotions, whooping away at every high note sung, exotic dance moves and flurry of guitar notes, it’s essential your live show has been ‘upped’ to a new level and fuelled with an adrenaline rush of post Covid emotions.

Call the shots

Whether it’s a seated or standing event, in a club or outdoors, your audience is of course going to be noisy and, hopefully any sore throats, sweating and headaches will be the result of belting out all your classic and original tracks, but you want the same lyrical reaction for any Covid written material. So it’s essential, as a reminder, your mass marketing mailshots, with links to your new music have covered all social media platforms before up and coming shows.


Thanks to the internet, rehearsing and writing online has been a huge benefit for band members, but nothing can replace the banter, arguing and satisfaction of scoring music in a live environment, all now possible as Covid rules start to relax and there’s no limit on the number of people who can meet indoors or outdoors. You can now rehearse live, to ensure your live set is a slick, precision-timed performance.


For most artists and bands, merchandise is a necessity, not only for promotion but also for a much-needed source of income to pay for overheads, recording sessions  and expenses for example.

It’s been tough out there for everyone, and now with the future a little brighter, companies specialising in merchandise are in abundance and ready to help. Again, with venues opening up for live music, there’s a chance to actually re launch your persona by focusing on new flyers, T-shirts for fans with fresh designs and even a re-arranged stage set, with new costumes and an original light show, if finances allow.

Close up

Whilst figures earlier in the year had shown that 80% of ‘gig goers’ were extremely dubious about (if allowed) rubbing shoulders with strangers at gigs, it’s now a massive 100%. It is indeed a time to look forward to getting back to performing in front of big audiences, but why not organise informal shows and pitch up with the crowd in close quarters. If, as a performer you are still a little concerned, maybe hold back on the meet and greet, or just go ahead and enjoy that much-loved stage dive.



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