Weird Things You Shouldn’t Have In Your Gig Bag (But Probably Do)

Over the years we’ve seen a lot of people put weird things in their gig bags. There are many things you should pack in your gig bag which people often forget, from spare batteries for your pedal or bug spray if you’re playing an outdoor gig. Unfortunately people who forget these items are often the same people caught red handed with these weird items kicking about their gig bags.

Fast food wrappers

This comes up more often than most musicians would like to admit. You’re in a hurry and don’t have time for a sit-down meal, so you grab something from a fast-food joint en route and jump on the train. As you eat, you realise your stop is coming up and you cram the wrappers from your impromptu meal into your bag and dive through the closing doors. The problem with doing this is that the wrappers tend to be forgotten about, and often wind up making your bag smell of week old greasy food. That’s a horrible smell to be greeted with when you open your bag – save yourself the trouble and just bin the wrappers instead.

Rolled up T-shirts

If you’re staying overnight and don’t have the hands to carry an extra bag it can be incredibly tempting to roll up some extra shirts and toss them in your gig bag with your instrument. The problem is that T-shirts lead to jeans, and jeans lead to belts. This is an easy way of accidentally scratching or damaging your precious instrument. Invest in a premium gig bag from Fusion Bags today and start making use of our Fuse-On accessory bags – all of the space you need without risking damage to your instrument.

Tattered business cards

Carrying business cards to your gig is a brilliant idea, as long as you keep them in a business card holder. If you let them rattle around your bag the corners will get bent, the edges will get frayed and your cards won’t look professional. If you want to look professional, keep a card holder in your gig bag at all times.

Relics from a bygone age

Another thing which many musicians are guilty of is dropping dead batteries, broken picks and strings into their bag to deal with later. Just like that old bottle of expired sun tan lotion from that festival you played a few years back, these things never really get thrown out unless you make a conscious effort to clean out your gig bag. If that seems like far too much effort at this point, remember that if you need a new high quality gig bag from Fusion Bags today.

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