What is in the Bag of the Modern DJ?

Despite what purists may lead you to believe, a bag of vinyl and your own set of needles does not account for the set-up of the world’s DJ community. When you’re travelling from gig to gig, you want to ensure that you have the best tools at your disposal ready and accessible – whether that is simply your laptop and a USB or a standalone controller.

The question is, what does the modern DJ bag have to be capable of holding? Below, we look at some of the most popular pieces of portable DJ equipment taken from venue to venue every single week across the UK.

Ableton Push

By now, Ableton are one of the music industry’s most staple presences – their software is used by thousands of musicians to create and perfect their desired sound, but it is their hardware that has really made an impact to the live circuit in recently years. The release of their Push controller isn’t just a handy toy for aficionados to trigger clips and samples, it is now a streamlined weapon primed to destroy dance floors all over the world.

With three modes ready to create beats, it offers a new way of translating melodic content from the desktop to the venue sound system – all without the need for years of experience to operate. The Push adds another dimension to your live set-up and, with the right DJ bag, you can slide it in safely and securely as you move from gig to gig.

DJ Tech DIF-1S Two Channel DJ Scratch Mixer

It may not be a name that slips straight off the tongue, but the DJ Tech DIF-1S Two Channel DJ Scratch Mixer is now an integral part of the set up for many modern DJs. It’s a flexible two channel set up that is perfect for rolling and scratching your records or DJs, with a fader designed by the innovative company at Audio Innovate to take care of your cross fading. It’s become a hit with touring DJs primarily for their source selection control that allows for vinyl decks, CDJs and digital control systems to be interchanged with ease – totally removing the painful task of unplugging and reconnecting equipment during the gig.

Ortofon Concorde S120 Cartridge & Stylus

This last product is dedicated to all those that still fly the flag for old school vinyl records, and hopefully will provide an end to the endless search for a durable needle that suits your mixing style. Ortofon are now the company of choice for the majority of the market due to their commitment to progressive design styles, and this is epitomised by the Concorde S120 Cartridge & Stylus.

With the excessive wear and tear that many DJs experience when on the road, this cartridge and needle combo provides an extremely low level of damage – some that many believe is actually unparalleled by their competitors. With a DJ bag that provides valuable levels of security, you won’t need to be concerned with them getting damaged when travelling – all available from the experts at Fusion Bags today.

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