The Ultimate DJ Gig Bag Check List

Every DJ has been there - you’re on the train on the way to your next DJ gig. You sit down with your cup of coffee, and take out your laptop to start putting together a playlist for tonight. You start rummaging around your bag, only to be gripped in cold horror at the realisation that you left your headphones or even just your jack on your desk at home. With the right DJ gig bag this wouldn’t have happened, but how do you know what you need in the ultimate DJ gig bag? Fortunately, we’ve thought of everything here at Fusion Bags, and we’ve come up with a check list of things you need in your next professional DJ gig bag.

Space for your mixers/laptop

Obviously this is one of the most important things. You want a bag which not only has plenty of room for your most expensive gear, but has removable sleeves which zip all the way open and closed. These are perfect for protecting the knobs and faders which you fear will come off every time you tentatively remove your equipment from a lesser gig bag.

Space for headphones

Does your gig bag have a separate pouch for headphones? Because it really should. Here at Fusion Bags our headphone cases have excellent storage solutions that mean you’ll never forget your DJ headphones again. They even come with a detachable shoulder strap which means that you never have to leave your house without them.

Space for business cards

You have a lot of stuff to bring to your gig but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your business cards. Make sure your gig bag has plenty of pockets which will allow you to store your business cards in perfect condition until you need to give them out.

Space for backups

There’s absolutely no excuse for dead air, especially not “I didn’t have room in my bag for my backup CDs or hard drive.” The right DJ gig bag will not only have space for your backups, but it will keep them perfectly safe and protected until you need them most.

Space for extra cables

Cables break – it’s a sad fact, but that’s just the world we live in. Don’t be caught out because your USB cable broke just before a gig. The right gig bag will have enough pockets that you can carry all your cables, plus one.

Space for papers

This one is particularly important if you’re jumping on a plane for your gig. Having a dedicated pocket for passports, VAT receipts and other such paperwork is a great way of keeping all your important paperwork together. If you’re not heading abroad, this space doubles up as a perfect place for demos you want to hand out to potential fans.

As you can see there’s a fair few considerations when it comes to choosing the ultimate gig bag, and we haven’t even gotten to how to carry and transport your bag. Fortunately here at Fusion Bags all of our DJ gig bags have multiple carrying options, including backpack straps and carry handles. They’re even lightweight, waterproof and durable. If you need any help in choosing the perfect gig bag for your next DJ gig, make sure you call Fusion Bags today.


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