The Pocketeers

You can't hold no groove, if you ain't got no pocket! Although a Fusion gig bag is an acceptable alternative...

Yes, we are back! Back in the back pocket. Our 7th installment of #musiccannotbeconfined is brought to you by "The Pocketeers!" This swashbuckling band of groovy humans inhabit a variety of time zones but have come together, virtually, and aligned their collective creative watches to produce something truly special.

A funky Allegretto percussion jam (coming in hot from Austria) was inaugurated by the very capable hands of @worldofpercussionbeats, Luis Ribeiro. From there, the music followed the sun across the Atlantic and landed in the capital of Tennessee, where bassist extraordinaire Ariane Cap (@arisbassblog) laid the foundation AND built the house with her tasty low end morsels and stellar ivory tickling. Now the music was breaking out! A redeye back to Europe, where the always deft and creative Andy Hidber (playing his own line of guitars (@magneton_guitars)) slathered the track with vibe sauce, not to mention some animated dance moves! Lastly, Brooklyn based EmCee Jordan Scannella (@jorscan) used his anchor position to close out strong, bringing some sage wisdom and wit to an important topic that doesn't get a lot of airtime in our fast and frenzied news cycle: Cougar Magnetism.

We hope you enjoy this collaboration as much as the artists' did putting it together. Please follow the hashtag #thepocketeersMCBC to see how this track evolved and make sure to check out all of our other #musiccannotbeconfined bands. Thank you!


Watch how this project has come together

#1 Luis Ribeiro a Brazilian percussionist living in Austria kicks off the project by putting down some funky tracks.


#2 From Europe over to the Nashville USA where Austrian born Ariane Cap adds a fusion-ey vibe with her bass and keys. 

 #3 Back across the Atlantic to Switzerland where Magneton Guitar Luthier Andreas Hidber adds some great atmospheric flavour with his slide guitar track.

 #4 To put the cherry on the cake, a fun vocal topping from Jordan Scannella, Em'Cee out of Brooklyn USA




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