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great bag!

We love the bag we got for my son's Hammond SK-1 B3 organ. He loves that he can take it as a backpack and that we can take everything he needs in one bag.

Everything you want in a bass case!!!

for the last few years, I was rocking a certain black and orange case, which was really good! I didn’t have any complaints… eventually it came time to renew or upgrade due to wear and tear fitting things in the case started to become a challenge, the more I advanced as a player and required more/bulkier gear.

Fast forward to 2024 and a guitarist friend of mine says he’s going to buy a fusion case for his guitar. He highlights the Fuse-On feature, which was a massive selling point for him. When it arrived, what caught my eye was the amount of compartments and the SIZE of them! After doing more research on the case I ordered one… and MANNNNN!!

It’s well padded, top and bottom, inside and out. There’s a plethora of well thought out compartments of varying sizes - including one big enough to fit my 16” MacBook, WITH a case!!! This was the biggest selling point for me, as I often carry a lot of things in my case. It’s comfortable to wear and it looks good.

I literally couldn’t ask for anything more!

Do yourself a favour and get some fusion cases for your gear!!


The best ukulele travel bag on the market. You can securely lock your bag. Well-padded gig bag and versatile backpack attachments. Nicely colored for easy to find luggage when traveling on the airplane and airports.

Ein Rucksack mit Hindernissen

Als erstes, danke für diese Gigbags. Unsere 2söhne 6/8 , teilen sich ein Horn und fahren selbstständig zur Musikschule bei wind und wetter…
Das horn ist bisher gut geschützt gewesen! Klar ist wenn eine Person auf den Rucksack fallen würde wäre auch das Horn innen verbogen-ist halt kein hardcase-
Das notenbuchfach, regenhüllen, einfach gut. Es ist eben alles verstaut! Das einzige und Riesen Manko was wir verbessern würden ist das rucksacktragesystem- das ist einfach nicht für kinder reduzierbar in seiner Größe, die Stabilität für mich als Erwachsener ist schlecht, total weich und labberig - jedoch das es komplett verstaubar ist ist gut. Wir würden empfehlen grundsätzlich bei allen gigbags ein austauschbares tragegurtsystem zu implementieren . beispielsweise XS-M, M-XL, und definitiv mit besseren polstern, fusionbags sollte sich die Tragegurte von Deuter zum Vorbild nehmen…
Sauber gelöst ist, das der Reißverschluss nicht gegen das Blech kommt,top! Als Instrumentenrucksack für erwachsene gut, für kinder/jugendliche mässig aufgrund des Tragegurtes. Trotzdem 4sterne, weil es ein rundum innovativer Rucksack ist, vllt kommt ja mal ein Upgrade für besseres tragen 😉

Organise your musical life - part 2

OK follow on from my 4-star review, in which I said 'unless I am missing something'. I was. For the lower (waist) buckle/strap, when not in use there is a padded loop, and the lower strap can be folded over and slipped into this. So .... having ridden (on motorcycle) to rehearsal and used this bag ( actually due to a change of plan for the rehearsal, with an Alto inside and not my tenor, still perfectly well protected) I give this bag a full-on 5 stars as I think it is excellent in design and quality.

Organise your musical life

Not only a high-quality Gig Bag for your instrument but also a way to organise your musical life. Attention to detail is superb, even little loops that hold your pencils safely ready for mark-up at rehearsals. Deep pockets, but some with additional sections at the top, making it easy to separate items and safely store (for example) reeds, mouthpieces, tuner, cleaning cloths, music etc. The bag is very well made. A couple of small points; firstly yes the main part of the straps can be unclipped at the bottom and zipped away. But that still leaves the bottom connector and the waistband and clips dangling (unless I have missed something). Secondly, I have bought this for use on my motorbike. My bike has a significantly raised pillion seat; I have managed to shorten the straps so that the bag is secure and the weight taken on the pillion seat. Just a consideration for you if you will be using the bag on a motorbike.

Value for money

Great little bag.Holds all my mutes and mute holder and fuses onto my trumpet bag.Would reccomend this company to anyone.

Cornet Sleeve
CJ Harris
Cornet Sleeve

Rather expensive but does the job. Good quality sleeve, a good fit for my Besson 1000. Would recommend the sleeve, it gives the added protection inside my Fusion bag.

Eastman MD305 Mandolin

The Eastman MD305 comes with a pretty good gig back, but it does not offer anything like the protection which this Fusion bag does. It is quite a lot larger of course but not huge. With the moveable internal padding, it fits my mandolin perfectly. This is plant of space around it for the strap. The various pockets have plenty of space for necessary bits and pieces. They look great too

Great Bag, but Rubbish service...

I purchased the keyboard bag over a year ago and have only used it twice.. Apparently some grit got caught between the wheel whilst transporting it into a church yard and this cause one of the wheels to get trapped and therefore not roll and caused the wheel to clunk when rolling because it had developed a bit of flatness where it had been dragged. I spent the next few months trying to get a new wheel for the case and had no success with either getting any timely responses from the company.. Sarah had a lot of time for me when I was purchasing the case, but when it came to returning my calls after I had purchased the item no one was available to respond to my emails or return my calls.

When I eventually managed to get Sarah's attention regarding the matter, it then was an uphill struggle to make sense of how we would resolve this problem and eventually I was told it would take some time to order a single wheel and it was costly for the single wheel plus I would have to wait a ridiculous amount of time to see if it would arrive on the next shipment, but it could not be guaranteed that it would be on the next shipment, which would mean I would then need to wait another amount of time to resolve this very simple problem. What started as Great customer service soon turned into a non existent after service..

The bag has sat around for over a year and I have just recently given it away. I'm about to purchase 2 Keyboard bags (as I've just got 2 more keyboards. But as good as these bags may be, I will NEVER purchase cases from this company and Have advised others against doing so. In my book, after care is as important as the care received before purchase.

Mark McKenzie

Hi Mark,
My name is Wendy and I was first contacted by you via telephone in June 2023.

You spoke to me and explained that the wheel on your keyboard bag had broken, which had been caused by stone that was trapped in the wheel casing. You also informed me that maybe it was not a good idea to continue to pull your bag with the trapped stone, which in turn caused further damage to the wheel.

My colleague Sarah asked you to take the bag to a luggage/shoe repairer and ask if they could help. Time passed whereby we did not hear from you and in the meantime I found a spare wheel in our warehouse. We contacted you via email (9th August 2023) to ask if you still required the wheel but received no reply until your review on the 11th March 2024.

I apologise that you feel you were not supported, however at no time was Sarah unhelpful. I have read the email trail between you both, which supports the fact that you were treated respectfully.

Kind regards,
Wendy CALDWELL - Team Manager

Urban Bagpipe Bag
gordon denny
Fantastic company

My new bag arrived today and am over the moon with it, great quality and you can see a lot of thought went into the design of it.
Sarah and Wendy from customer service department have been nothing short of a joy to deal with ( very helpful and friendly)
I would give both the product and the staff 5 star review and will be recommending this company to all

Great product

First gig bag, for my first keyboard. I am used to guitar gig bags and cases, so my review is really based against a comparison for my guitar gear. The material is very tough and padding is generous and does feel solid. Most of all, for quite a heavy instrument, the design of the handhold and carrying straps seem very strong and suitable for a lot of use. Overall, a great product.

Urban Bass Guitar Bag
Colin Maddocks
Excellent Bass Case and Servive

Great, prompt service and delivery from Fusion. Bought Sunday and delivered Tuesday. The case is great and I would recommend both the case and Fusion.

I posted these comments on a popular bass social media page. Thank you for a great product, Urban Fusion!!

Urban Fusion Gig Bags

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Urban Fusion in any way except I tried and am impressed with their product.

Apologies for my long post.

Four years ago I was looking for a replacement gig bag for my Mono Vertigo/Tick. Although serviceable, the piping on the bag and the Velcro on the Tick had broken down. I saw these Urban Fusion gig bags on line and decided to replace my Mono bag with one. I have used the Urban Fusion gig bag a thousand times going to gigs, rehearsals and jams in town, out of town and way out of town. I have not flown with it (I have a flight case for that). It is still in great shape and has weathered the miles well. I was so impressed that I replaced my older IGig double electric bass gig bag with an Urban Fusion double instrument bag also.

The internal padding on this bag is thick, resilient and bonus - you can shape it inside the bag to hold your instrument snugly. The double instrument bag comes with additional padding materials so you can configure the second bass compartment into a gig bag instead of taking a second instrument. All of the zippers are heavy duty and have never failed. I am guilty of taking too many “what if” things to gigs. The UF bags feature 4 pockets which accommodate my regular (strap, tuner, extra batteries, strings) and my old guy supplies (Motrin, Aspirin, 5 hour energy drinks, etc.) with plenty of room to spare. The are optional “Fuse On” rucksack like bags that can be purchased separately that can be hand or ruck sack carried or joined to the gig bag using hooks on the gig bag and sturdy Velcro straps on the Fuse On bag. The Fuse on bag (I have a large one) holds extra cables, an extension cord, microphone, etc. cool bonus, there is a zippered compartment with a removable, well padded messenger bag that fits my large iPad Pro if I need it. The shoulder straps are adjustable, comfortable and there is a sternal strap on both the gig bags and Fuse On bags. The double bag also has a waist strap. There is a built in handle on the front of the bag for carrying it vertically, and the handle on the side of the bag is rubberized and comfortable. Final cool feature: the bags come from the manufacturer with a cool rain cover with elastic that fits snugly over the bag for wet weather transport.

I can’t say enough good things about these gig bags. I’ll be using them for a very long time.

Simply the best

Superb quality and ergonomics, exactly what I was looking for. Fast delivery to my country (6 days to Greece).
Thank you so much Fusion team for your excellent communication and great professionalism, you are simply the best!!

A solution for the travelling musician!

I travel a lot with my guitar and have gone through numerous bags from different brands yet I never found a design that suited my needs. I am extremely satisfied with the urban classical guitar bag. It is an incredibly well made and thoroughly thought through product. The materials used are strong and durable. There is so much storage space, I can finally fit in all the items I need into a single bag. The padding on the back of the bag is very comfortable and the bag feels light when I wear it. The waist and chest strap prevent any movement and allow the bag to fit securely to my back. There is the option to add a lock onto the zippers for security. The two handles on the neck of the bag allow it to be carried vertically without hassle. The neck strap system inside the bag is easy to move and attach, it prevents my guitar from moving. The thick foam padding feels like it will keep my guitar protected as ease. It feels great to finally have a bag which makes travelling as a musician more enjoyable. Thank you to Wendy & Sarah, great customer service. I am using this bag daily and can highly recommend it!

Good Solid Ukulele UBass Gig Bag

My third Fusion bag now - they are well made, robust and provide good protection for your instruments. Also easy and comfortable to carry with the shoulder straps.
I shouldn't be buying any more because I shouldn't be buying any more instruments - But watch this space ;-)

Great gig bag

Initially I was reserved due to the cost of the bag. However all my questions were answered by a really helpful team and my bag does exactly what I wanted and more with great storage and usage. The problem is now I haven't got enough of these big Bags for all of my instruments.

Love it!

I love it! I don’t know what model of instruments others have, but my Schilke flugelhorn fit in the sleeve perfectly. In fact, I discovered if I put the flugelhorn in the bag without its sleeve, I can comfortably fit my Schilke cornet in its sleeve as well. The backpack straps are great, although I don’t see me using the waist strap. One thing…I had hoped I could fit my standard size black band folder, but that was a no go. I will have to carry it in a separate bag with my mutes.

The customer service was wonderful, and I had my bag, shipped to the USA, in 2 or 3 days. I love the orange color, too!

Beat Pro Backpack
léandre waterloo
content de l'achat

Pratique pour transporter pad, baguettes, outils de réglage et de quoi boire. Par contre je ne vois pas trop l'utilité des poches latérales...

Great bag but…

I think the bag is top notch quality however might I suggest moving the backpack straps closer to the middle, at least on the 61-76 models . They sit so low which makes it awkward when putting on.

Urban Tenor Sax Bag
Julian Smith
Fusion Bag

A robust and well padded bag, with useful pockets for music related stuff!.

Hammond Skx Pro

Needed a case for Hammond SKX Pro with wheels. Searched far and wide and returned a couple of bags from other companies. However this one is exactly what was needed. Quality bag with a lot of thought gone into its design and useful on line video to explain everything.

Urban Flugelhorn Bag
Bryan hennessey
Great Birthday Gift

Just what I asked for. My Flugel fits snugly and safely and there's loads of room for bits and pieces and music etc. I absolutely love it!

Best Bags out there.

I own many of them, ranging in size from Dreadnaught to smaller bags that I use for slide guitars and Ukelele's.