Dreadnought Guitar Gig Bags / Soft Cases

We offer three models of Acoustic Guitar Gig Bags. Each bag offers different benefits, which suit the lifestyles of the guitarists who own them.

  • The Urban Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag.
    A hybrid gig bag that has been made slightly larger to carry not only a standard sized acoustic guitar but larger custom made or larger models of mainstream acoustic guitars. This is done by using the adjustable headstock block and internal padded collar, which moulds around a standard acoustic guitar or removed entirely for larger models.

  • The Urban Double Acoustic and Electric Guitar Gig Bag.
    This gig bag has been designed to hold a combination of an acoustic and electric guitar. Each compartment has an adjustable headstock block and a padded collar, which can mould around standard, smaller models of guitar or removed altogether for larger models. Additional padded strips in one of the compartments, can be used to create areas to store pedal boards, cables and even clothing.

  • The F1 Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag.
    A hybrid bag with rear lumbar supports to aid comfort. It offers a snug fit for a standard sized acoustic guitar. This product is in the process of being discontinued, only limited stock available.