Travelling with your acoustic guitar can be a tricky experience. With a delicate body on your guitar, you may be tempted by a hard case, even if they are heavy and cumbersome to carry. Fortunately Fusion Bags is here with a lightweight classical gig bag which offers a similar level of protection to a hard case but at a fraction of the weight. With backpack straps which can be tucked away with not in use and a robust side handle for when you don’t want your guitar on your back, these acoustic guitar gig bags are perfect for anyone looking for the optimum level of protection when navigating a tricky commute to a gig.

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Acoustic Guitar Gig Bags

These innovative classical guitar gig bags feature a layer of lightweight high density foam which effectively protects your guitar from knocks and bumps. Our premium gig bags also come with a removable padded collar with a neck strap, designed to keep your guitar suspended upright while offering a vital extra layer of protection. Select bags in this range of superior gig bags for professional guitarists even feature chest straps and a heavy duty rubberised base, adding further protection to this lightweight bag. These products are perfect for the professional musician looking for the ultimate acoustic guitar gig bag to protect a precious and delicate instrument while on the move.

One of the biggest problems which professional musicians face when navigating their way to and from a gig is how to travel with extra bags. Our range of professional acoustic guitar gig bags come with a generous amount of storage for sheet music, spare strings, tuners and anything else you may need. With heavy duty D-rings built into the bag, these classical guitar gig bags can even accommodate not one, but two of our innovative Fuse-On accessory bags. These fully functioning removable backpacks are large enough for a 15” laptop, and free up vital hands to help make your commute a breeze. If you have any questions about how Fusion Bags can make your commute easier, call us today on 0800 1300 264.

Why Choose Fusion Products As A Classical Guitarist?

As a classical guitarist you know how easy it is to damage an expensive instrument. Every knock, bump and twang you hear with your guitar on your back makes you wince. This is why we’ve designed a range of lightweight hybrid gig bags which offer such an incredible amount of protection.

We’ve repeatedly tested these products on professional musicians since we started out in 2008, using their feedback to improve upon our designs. What we’re left with is the ultimate range of gig bags to suit every classical guitarist. Whether you’re looking for a bag with all the bells and whistles or a no-nonsense gig bag, we have the perfect product for you here today. If you need any help or if you have any questions about any of our products, make sure you call Fusion Bags today.

F1 Classical Guitar Bags

This range of discontinued gig bags is only available while stocks last. With 30mm of high density foam and a tough water resistant outer layer, these bags are perfect for students and children looking for a starter case for their guitar. With ample room for sheet music and accessories, these innovative bags can be expanded on with our Fuse-On accessory bags – perfect for the student travelling with multiple bags.

F3 Classical Guitar Bags

Our F3 bags are the ultimate starter bag for budding guitarists. With 15mm of high density foam padding, backpack straps and plenty of room for sheet music and accessories, these bags offer far more than the basic dust cover which came with your guitar. These bags have been discontinued, and are only available while stocks last.