Yorkshire Day

Yorkshire Day

Here at Fusion, we’re very proud to be a part of Yorkshire and its great tradition of Inspiration, Innovation and Creativity.

Fusion was born in the heart of West Yorkshire and drawing inspiration from our heritage, knowledge and experience, we’ve pushed the boundaries of gig bag design to create unique and lifestyle-changing designs for musicians all over the world.

Yorkshire has a history of creating world-changing innovations, from textiles & engineering to retail and finance. It’s the birthplace of Percy Shaw, inventor of the cats' eyes on our roads.

Where Matthew Murray, an innovative designer, designed and built the first commercially viable steam locomotive, the Salamanca.

And where the world’s very first motion pictures were filmed, in Leeds in 1888.

Yorkshire has also been and continues to be, a place for music and creativity, from the folk songs of the moors to brass bands and the famous venues, bands, artists and festivals that hold strong in the landscape today. With all these, we thank Yorkshire as we hope to continue these traditions.

At Fusion we’re dedicated to being a company that cares, with great design, quality and customer service to support musicians and artists from around the world, helping them to travel safely with their instruments and equipment wherever they go.

With our tenth anniversary this year, Fusion like Yorkshire has many untold stories and many exciting challenges and transformations ahead.

The story does not end here. Every product we develop is the birth of an idea, coming from the needs of creative people like you.

So help us to create a new and exciting future, by joining the Fusion family and becoming a part of our story.

Fusion, a Yorkshire company … more than just a gig bag!

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