Top 10 musicians’ gadgets for Christmas

Top 10 musician's gadgets for Christmas

Whether you’re buying a present for the musician in your life, or compiling your own Christmas wishlist to leave lying around, we’ve narrowed down a few of the best must-have musical gadgets and accessories for festive season 2018.

Korg Pitchclip 2 Clip-On Tuner

Guitarists know quick and accurate tuning mid-concert is essential, and they don’t get much more on the money than the Korg Pitchclip. The updated model for 2018 incorporates greater tuning accuracy and a highly visible LED display. Also, left-handers rejoice, as the screen is also reversible!

Christmas gift for musicians - Korg Pitchclip 2 Clip-On Tuner

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Beat pro backpack

This is one for the modern drummer who needs to carry more than just their sticks. With patches for your laptop, cables and other accessories, this robust and versatile bag is a must for any gigging drummer. With 15mm padding and a water-resistant exterior, it mixes a robustness with extra care for your kit. It also has a removable stick pouch, meaning you don’t have to lug around the rest of your kit with your sticks.

Christmas Gifts for Drummers - Beat Pro Backpack

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Urban Double Electric Guitar

If you’re a gigging guitarist with an eclectic sound, the chances are you’ll need to gig with more than one guitar.

The hard-wearing waterproof case contains two separate compartments, with each able to fit a guitar. But the extra space won’t have to compromise on protection for your instrument, as it includes foam padding of 20mm. Extra compartments also ensure space for all your leads.

Christmas gifts for guitarists - double electric guitar gig bag

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Beat Snare

The snare is the pride and joy of any drummer, so make sure yours is looked after on your way to the gig. With a water-resistant case and 30mm padding, you can be sure your drum is safe as it can be. The bag can carry a 380mm snare with a depth of up to 180mm. There’s also plenty of room for your other bits in side-compartments.

Christmas gift for drummer - beat snare bag

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Trumpet sleeve

Fusion has plenty of sleeves for brass instruments. This product gives you extra protection for your trumpet - with 10mm of padding and a velvet-mix interior, you can be sure your trumpet will be in perfect condition when you open it up!

Christmas gift for trumpet player - Fusion trumpet sleeve

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Funktion bass guitar

If you want a functional, lightweight bag to carry your bass, this is the ultimate gift. With high-density foam padding, a non-rip exterior and padded backpack straps. There are also several pockets for leads and sheet music. There are also three colour schemes to pick from.

Christmas gifts for musicians - Funksion Bass Guitar Gig Bag

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Tourtech TTS A-frame guitar stand

For anyone tired of detuning their strings by leaning their guitar against the wall!

It’s fully adjustable, and can hold any bass, electric or acoustic model. It can even change sizes to hold half and three quarter size models, meaning the younger players can also have a place to store their axe! With an EVA foam finish, this will preserve the finish of your instrument.

Christmas gifts for guitarists - tourtech a-frame guitar stand

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Fender Tweed Patch Cable

Avoid tangles of wires when playing live with pedals - this patch cable can take the complications out of setting up. The stylish tweed design will ensure you stand out from the rest of the band! What’s more, Fender cables are backed with a lifetime warranty.

Christmas Gifts for musicians - Fender Tweed Patch Cable

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Tourtech quick release capo

Every guitarist needs a capo - so why not get this model, with its stylish silver design? This slim design will help you get the results without taking too much space on your fretboard. Its spring-loaded quick release means you are able to remove it mid-song should you wish.

Christmas gift for guitar players - Tourtech quick release capo

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Hercules EZ Clutch microphone stand

Whether you play guitar and vocals, or you’re just a singer who doesn’t want to subject your microphone to the shapes you pull on stage, a sturdy mic stand is essential.

The Hercules EZ Clutch adjusts and securely locks to your height, and boasts a durable aluminium base and a flip clip to securely fasten the microphone in place.

Christmas gift for musicians - Hercules EZ Clutch microphone stand

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