Top 10 Most Trusted Ukulele Brands

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There are hundreds of ukulele models in existence, from small and sweet-sounding soprano ukes to hybrid guitaleles. There are many factors that go into choosing which ukulele model would be a good fit for your needs and preferences, and one of these is the brand.

There’s a reason why the most prominent instrument companies in the world are able to stay in business: they make quality instruments that people actually buy. And the more that people see how good and reasonably priced their instruments are, the more they will buy from those brands. This is why when it comes to choosing a ukulele, being brand-conscious pays off.

Some ukulele brands are trusted more than others because of the consistency in the quality of their products, their impeccable customer service and the easy availability of their ukuleles. If you’re looking to buy your first or your next ukulele, consider going for a model from the following brands. 


Kala offers a wide range of products and caters to ukulele players of all skill levels. The prices range from extremely pocket-friendly to premium. You’re sure to find a ukulele that meets your needs and fits your budget in Kala’s catalogue.


Kanile’a designs its ukuleles with professional players in mind, which is why its product catalogue shows uke models that can be categorized as high-end. However, the company has also ventured out into the entry-level market with its Islander by Kanile’a line, making more of its quality ukes accessible to most players.


Kamaka has been making many of the world’s finest handcrafted ukuleles since 1916. Kamaka ukuleles are made using techniques that have evolved from the uku-making practices developed by the company’s founder, Sam Kamaka Sr. This ensures that the quality of each Kamaka uke is consistent with all the other well-loved models produced over the years.


Cordoba is well-known for its finely crafted instruments, particularly its classical guitars. The company also offers a good selection of ukuleles, which are all made using premium materials and tonewoods. The company learned to make its ukuleles in the traditional Portuguese way, making its instruments some of the most well-built and authentic-sounding ukes in the world. 

Oscar Schmidt

Oscar Schmidt ukuleles are made from a vast array of artisan woods such as koa, spalted mango, mahogany, spalted maple and spruce. Abalone or mother-of-pearl inlays add to the ukuleles’ beauty. The ukes aren’t only nice to look at but also a joy to play and hear.

Lanikai Ukuleles

Lanikai makes some of the best introductory ukuleles at beginner-friendly prices. The company also offers a number of exquisite and handcrafted ukuleles designed for discerning musicians, including 6- and 8-string ukuleles.

Ohana Music

Ohana is another well-known brand in the ukulele industry with its wide range of products. It offers starter models, intermediate-level ukes, vintage ukes, limited edition ukuleles and even performance models for professional musicians. Ohana ukuleles are well-crafted and offer excellent sound quality and playability.

Martin & Co.

Martin is known for its high-quality acoustic guitars and its ukes are no different. Premium materials, attention to detail and a great tone abound in Martin ukes that you will no doubt be proud to own.


Luna makes artfully designed instruments, with its ukes some of the most pleasing to look at. The tribal and tattoo-inspired artwork on the tops of the ukes makes them stand out. Prices vary according to body styles, materials and features but there’s sure to be a uke for everyone.


Lohanu offers budget-friendly ukulele bundles that offer amazing value for money. The company’s ukuleles are some of the best-selling models in the market not just because they’re inexpensive but more so because they perform amazingly well for their price.


Are you eyeing ukuleles from any of these brands? Which ukulele models are you interested in and why? Let us know in the comments!


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