Top 7 Up and Coming Global Music Scenes

One of the best parts about being a professional musician is the wealth of travel opportunities available. In order to learn and develop as musicians, travelling to new cultures and performing in new spaces is incredibly important. Depending on your genre, destinations are likely to vary based on dominating music scenes and trends. If you love nothing more than to have your instrument strapped to your back and the open road in front of you, then you should certainly consider visiting these seven up-and-coming music scenes. Fusion Bags reveals the places where you should consider touring and performing.

Lagos, Nigeria

The city of Lagos in Nigeria is buzzing with aspiring musicians and up-and-coming music venues. You don’t have to look far to find bright young things practicing their instruments in the heat. Much of the music scene in Lagos is dominated by Nigerian hip-hop, with some of Africa’s best performing in the city on a regular basis. There are also vibrant juju and Afrobeat genres that are making waves in the music world. With plenty of music projects and sponsored programmes for young musicians in the city, Lagos is certainly making its mark.

Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

The capital city Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago is a diverse musical hub. If you are particularly inspired by the vibrancy of Carnival culture, this is definitely a city that will kick start the creative juices. Port of Spain is especially popular for the Soca music genre, a blend of soul and calypso that is adored by many throughout the Caribbean. The Soca Monarch competition is a particularly fantastic event and must-see for music lovers the world over. As the bands battle in an effort to be crowned Soca Monarch of the year, visitors will find the island vibrations a delight to the senses.

Athens, Greece

If you are searching for iconic rock gods, you are sure to find them in the city of Athens. In recent years the rock scene in Athens has boomed, with bands serving in-your-face rock with a punchy political message. The economic crisis in the country has bred a generation of angst-filled young musicians who express themselves perfectly through the medium of rock. The annual Rockwave Festival is fast becoming one of the best rock destinations in the world. So, if you love hardcore sound and killer guitars riffs, Athens should be at the top of your list.

Barcelona, Spain

The beach city of Barcelona is making a name for itself in the space age electro scene. With hundreds of Europeans travelling to the city to experience the futuristic sound of the Sonar festival, it’s certainly becoming a must-visit for musicians of all creeds. The unique sound blasting from Barcelona’s speakers features iconic musicians such as Skrillex and Pet Shop Boys. Those who can appreciate the complex sound structures that can be created from a DJ booth are sure to enjoy Barcelona’s rising taste for imaginative galactic sounds.

Belem, Brazil

Another destination that is experimenting with the wonder of the DJ booth is the inhabitants of Belem, Brazil. The lush and lively Brazilian city has adopted a form of tropical electro known as technobrega. This Amazonian delight is created primarily by reworking and remixing popular music and music from the eighties era. Though based on some of the best loved songs of thirty years ago, the majority of technobrega material is entirely original. The beats of the well-loved genre are impossible not to dance, jam and sing along to.

Omaha, Nebraska

Since the era of speakeasies and jazz clubs back in the 1920s, Ohama has gone from strength to strength musically. This southern city is thriving with indie labels that perform regularly in Omaha’s music venues and former speakeasies. The Omaha sound is a distinguishable blend of alternative rock peppered with doses of country twang. This home-grown style is making quite a name for itself throughout America and abroad. For guitarists, bassists and drummers alike, the city of Omaha is becoming a popular touring destination.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

If you have an experimental style, Kuala Lumpur has an up-and-coming music scene that you simply can’t miss. This vibrant Malaysian city is a hot spot for the country’s best and rising talent. The genres are heavily based on Western culture, but with a Kuala Lumpur twist. The destination has a stronghold of talented guitarists as well as fantastic singers and composers. There are even budding indie pop bands waiting to burst onto the scene with perfectly tuned voices and an abundance of Asian heritage and culture to bring to the genre. This budding metropolis won’t stay quiet as a musical gold mine for long, making it a great place to visit on your musical travels.

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