10 Guitarists Who Love Fusion Gig Bags

Touring musicians require a quality gig bag to keep their instrument in tip-top condition whilst on the road.

Guitarists spend huge amounts of time travelling from venue to venue, so it’s no wonder why many professional players choose a Fusion gig bag which is renowned for their strong, robust design and durability.

From international rock bands to Grammy award-winning artists, here are ten guitarists who just love their Fusion bag.

Mikey Demus -Skindred (UK)

As a member of internationally renowned rock band Skindred, Mikey Demus takes his guitar to the furthermost corners of the world. Having a Fusion gig bag to travel with him helps Mikey keep his guitar ready to go at a moment’s notice.

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Mikey Demus Skindred 

Josiah Woodson (France)

Josiah Woodson is an incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist. Awarded a Grammy for his work with Beyoncé’s ‘Love on Top’, Josiah picked up the trumpet at age twelve. He also plays the flute, piano and guitar. Josiah uses his Fusion gig bags to travel the world, working on some amazing projects.

Josiah Woodson


Oli Brown - Raven Eye (UK)

Whether as a solo artist or part of the band Raven Eye, Oli Brown is a very talented and extremely successful blues and rock guitarist.

Oli Brown

Oli spends much of his time on tour, playing at festivals like Rock am Ring. His Fusion gig bag certainly comes in handy for so much time spent on the road, playing to tens of thousands of people across the UK and around the world.


Justin Johnson (USA)

One of many amazing musicians to call Nashville home, Justin Johnson is a lauded root, blues and Americana artist. He’s been hailed as a ‘must-see act’ by Guitar World magazine, an ‘American Master’ by Carter Cash and a ‘musical visionary’ by Ted Nugent.

Justin Johnson

Justin Johnson certainly has many fans, and his Fusion bag helps keep his instruments safe and secure whilst travelling and playing to as many of them as possible.

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Stephen Mougin (Mojo) - Sam Bush Band (USA)

As a bluegrass guitarist for the world-famous Sam Bush Band, Stephen Mougin (otherwise known as Mojo) is a seasoned guitarist.

Stephen Mojo

Mojo is a producer, engineer, music label owner, teacher and guitarist and always busy and on the go, making a Fusion gig bag the perfect accompaniment to days spent on the road.

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Chris Buono (USA)

Known as the ‘multimedia guitar madman’, Chris Buono is constantly re-inventing himself and experimenting on the fringes of what’s possible with a guitar.

Chris Buono

He plays with an array of musical gadgets, helping him to create a unique sound at live gigs.

With all this equipment that needs to be carried, a Fusion gig bag, combined with a “Fuse-On” attachment bag, allows Chris to travel with ease.

We caught up with him a while back to chat about his career, inspirations and work. You can read Chris Buono’s artist spotlight here.


Simon McBride (Northern Ireland)

Simon McBride could easily be described as an Irish guitar phenomenon.

Simon McBride

His solo playing has been described as “fret-meltingly intense”, and his live shows are filled with energy and aggression. Simon is regarded as one of Northern Ireland’s greatest guitarists.

Frequent and hectic touring schedules mean Simon McBride needs a guitar bag that can keep his instrument safe and ready to rock every night of the week. Take a look at our interview with Simon here.


Bernie Marsden - Whitesnake (UK)

A member of famed rock band Whitesnake, Bernie Marsden has been touring his whole life.

Bernie Marsden

He co-wrote many of the group’s hit songs such as “Here I Go Again”, and has more recently toured with his bands, Company of Snakes and M3.

Rock legend Bernie is still touring today and his Fusion gig bag keeps his guitar safe.


Shane Ó Fearghail (Austria)

An Irish singer-songwriter now based in Vienna, Shane Ó Fearghail is a critically acclaimed Irish folk artist, often compared to the likes of R.E.M. and Rufus Wainright.

Shane O

In his spare time, he runs songwriter groups and workshops throughout Europe and travelling is a regular necessity. A Fusion gig bag is an ideal choice for Shane:

“To be honest, it was my girlfriend who put me on to Fusion Bags. I was lugging around a hard case for years, with sore hands and healing knees. With this guitar bag, it's easy and solid and my arms aren't as long as they use to be. So it's safe to say Fusion Bags are here to stay…”

You can read the rest of our interview with Shane in our artist’s spotlight.


Neil Taylor (UK)

Neil Taylor has toured with the likes of Chris de Burgh, Tears for Fears and Robbie Williams. He’s no stranger to being on the road with his guitar.

Neil Taylor

Neil has made a name for himself as a great session player over the years, but he’s also more than capable of filling out the Royal Albert Hall as a solo artist too.

Whether he’s touring the world first-class alongside world famous artists or staying in shabby motels, Neil’s Fusion gig bag gives him the flexibility and space to keep all his gear at hand.

If you’d like to read more about Neil, you can read our interview with him here.


Pick Up a Fusion Guitar Bag…

Fusion guitar bags are the first choice for many of the world’s top touring musicians. From multi-instrumentalists to world-famous rock guitarists, using a Fusion gig bag gives them peace of mind that their instrument is well protected and provides enough space to carry all the gear they need.

Have a look at our Fusion guitar bag range and see why it is the first choice of so many musicians.

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